Nagi no Asukara


we long to see the ebb of the tide
it flows so fast and ephemeral
gleaming, glaring, brilliant

currently so calm and lifeless
like the Atlantis, the home we once knew is nowhere to be found
how did we end up like this?

I still remember the day when snow fell
the water ceased then froze
time stood still for me as well

it felt like a dream
a dream that ended before it even began
it felt empty

i yearn for you
the only one who kept me on my toes
this desire is what woke me up from the dream I’ve given up on beginning

I was always watching
like the moon that always follows you wherever you go
just a bystander watching you from afar

admiring that ever consistent smile
eyes that resembles the beauty of the sea
skin as white as snow

I’ve been with you for so long
I know what you’re feeling even if you’re trying your best to hide it
I’ve started to know you better than you yourself

but no matter how hard I try
I can’t reach you
and no matter when, it still didn’t reach you

I’ve always been the outsider
even though I’m looking at you
you gaze at someone else

I’ll stay for as long as it takes
when you feel lonely, I’ll be here cheering you up
when you feel unloved, I’ll be within reach, you’ll always be here


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