Masamune-kun no Revenge Episode 2 Review


Previously, Masamune found a letter on his locker from someone who knows his old nickname “The Pig’s Foot”. So, now he’s trying to find out who sent the letter because of the risk of jeopardizing his plan and ruining his high school life.



This episode is so funny because of his lack of confidence in dealing with certain situations that the previous version of him haven’t experienced. He was asked on a date by Futaba but sadly he turned her down, I was hoping to see that date on the next episode because she’s so adorable. Speaking of adorable…


For me Yoshino is by far the cutest character in this anime.


Now on to the person who sent the letter, his first guess was Adagaki which makes sense because she was the one who gave him that nickname. He followed Yoshino because she will lead him to Adagaki so he will have the chance to find out if Adagaki was the one who sent the letter.  Adagaki was acting the same way she was before therefore, she was crossed out of the list, so who sent the letter?


I was surprised just like Masamune when Yoshino turned out to be the one who sent the letter. She belongs to a family of servants who serves the Adagaki’s for a very long time, and I laughed so hard on the scene when the camera zooms in twice on the photo of Masamune and Adagaki when they were young and Yoshino was there lol.

Honestly, this episode seemed so short to me, I was shocked when the ending song played. But, I really enjoyed this episode and I’m looking forward for next week. 😀


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