I remember it like it was yesterday.

Let’s see, how long has it been?
9? 10 years maybe?
We were driving up the mountains, the road was like a stage in a racing game in hard mode.

As soon as the car door opened I saw paradise.

*splatter* *splatter*

“Ewwwww! You can’t even handle th…”
*splatter* *splatter*

“Well, you handled that pretty well.”
“Tch, I hate you.”
“I don’t like you too.” She likes to say she hates me so whenever I say that I don’t like her she gets furious at me. Her brows starts to curl and I can see fire in her eyes, and she will start to argue even with the most trivial things just to get back at me. I find it cute.

“Well, I didn’t drink that potion like you did.”
“What potion? I don’t remember.” Now, I know she’s really angry, she doesn’t like it when I act like I don’t know what she’s talking about.

“The one you drank before getting in the car, I saw you, I saw your mom gave it to you and you drank it.”
“Huh? I really don’t remember, are you sure it’s me?” It’s hard not to break character, I’m trying to control my urge to laugh or smile.

“B-b-because….your face… I can’t… it looks like…” I tried to make the face she’s making but I can’t, I can’t stop laughing.

“Hey! You two stop fighting.” My mom said while closing the car door.

“Tch, you carry this.”

I remember the saltiness in the air, the burning sensation on my skin, and the feeling of sand on my feet. Ah, I miss the beach.

I put down the bags, I immediately took my clothes off and started running towards the sea. We played until the sun went down. Time went by so fast it seemed so short.

I remember we were walking, the wet sand stuck on my toes, the sun is about to sleep, and my skin starts to hurt because I forgot to put on sunblock. I got too excited.

“Hey, why does the world start to slant when we walk?” I asked.
“Because you’re stupid.”

“No, really it’s slanted.”
“Huh? What are you talking ab… Ahhh!”
“Hey! Careful… Ow!” I knew it, she’s seeing it too but just won’t admit it, she tripped and fell on top of me.

“Are you okay?” I said. Her face is right there in front of me and I can feel her breath so close to mine.
“No, I’m not, I’m not okay! I hate it when you always make fun of me, I hate that stupid face of yours, I hate that smug face you make, I hate it. You know what I also hate? I hate that I like it all, I hate that I never meant everything that I said, I hate that I like you!”

“Pfft… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!” I started laughing, I have to stop.
“Sorry, sorry, it’s just…you’re too adorable. I only did that because I want to see your expression, I find it cute, I really like you too, a lot.”

I remember it like it was yesterday.
That day we shared, our hearts & hands intertwined.
Even in this slanted world as long as she’s there holding my hand I’ll never trip and fall down.


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