He said “happy new year”.
I said “i love you”.

three… two… one…
“happy new year!”
‘i love you!’
crap, i said it

crap, crap, crap
he’s looking this way
what should i do?
what do i do?

should i punch him?
maybe he’ll forget
maybe if i run away
he’ll forget

but i don’t want to
i don’t want to go back
to the way things were before
i want to move forward

‘uhm… i…
t-t-that’s right, y-y-you heard me
i have been in love with you
for a very long time now’

oh my god
what am i saying?
this is so embarrassing
i must look like a tomato right now

when we first met
we were only little then
we grew up together
we’ve always been together

‘so please, don’t go
don’t go to some far away place
to a place where i can’t see you
where i can’t reach you’

‘all my life i’m always with you
all these memories that i have
you’re all in here
i don’t know what to do once you’re gone’

ugh! why do you have to be so stupid
why did you have to make that decision
you should have told me first
do i really mean so little to you?

‘i want to keep
having memories with you
i don’t care if it’s ugly or beautiful
as long as you’re in it, i don’t care’

i hate this
i’m being so selfish
i should just go
he’s free to do what he wants

‘uhm… maybe i should just go
i’m not even planning on saying these things
but i have been with these feelings for so long
i need to tell you’

okay, there i said it
i actually said it
heart you can calm down now
it’s over, it’s done, i did it

i hate myself
i hate that magazine for even suggesting this
i hate myself for reading it
i hate, hate, hate it

ahhh, i ruined this night
it’s supposed to be a gorgeous night
shattering stars in the sky
different colors, unique patterns

oh no, what now?
i’m going to get rejected aren’t i?
what do i do? i’m too scared to face him

“uhm… i don’t know
what they told you but,
uhm… how do i say this…
i’m just taking my entrance exam”

“it’s not even final yet
actually, to be honest
i don’t even want to leave
i don’t want to leave this place”

huh? wait,


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