looking at these
familiar yet,
so unfamiliar faces
i can never get used to them

the voices i hear
speaking simultaneously
turns into noise
such an unpleasant sound

they’re laughing
smiling, all so cheerful
i can’t help
but feel envious

i’m standing next to a cliff
oh, such a gorgeous scene
everybody asks
“how can you stand next to it?”

i’m so high up, it’s starting to get cold
i can see freedom at the bottom
if i were to obtain such,
imagine just how easy it is

i’m staring at it for too long
it makes me want to go on for a ride
i can hear someone whisper

i don’t want to go back inside
where a thought of me
having my life already figured out

i can feel their hopes of me
running through my skin
it’s unbearable
i want to wash it off

i don’t want to see them
none of that is true,
i know that for sure,
it will never come true

it’s much better if it’s me,
my own doing
than being with them
staring daggers at me

i just want to disappear
if only i could
do it quietly
it would be for the best


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