I remembered that it hurt
being with you hurts
you made me weak

I’ve always taught of myself as someone strong, composed
I’ve never considered myself as being alone
I didn’t care
I stood just fine
but I’ve always wanted to fly
to soar through the skies

you took me by surprise
your sudden appearance blinded me
I’ve found myself attracted to you
you’re so gorgeous
you shone brighter than any other
I’ve wanted to keep you for myself

everyday is like an adventure
I get to discover new things, new places
expressions that you only showed to me
feelings that I only felt when I’m with you

but as time passed
I felt weaker, and weaker, and weaker
I didn’t realize that you’re burning my feathers even before I could fly
like a moth to a flame
I didn’t know someone so beautiful can be so dangerous

you took little pieces of me
bit by bit
that’s why I didn’t notice
until I can no longer recognize myself anymore
it hurts me more to see you unfazed
but I figured that it’s just like you to care less
you made it perfectly clear that you won’t need me
like I’ll need you

now I’m struggling to get back on my feet
I’m struggling to feel complete
please give it back
I’ve always wanted to fly
to soar through the skies


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