ef: A Tale of Memories


it felt like castles in the air
a delusion so close to reality
a dream that when i wake up will be gone forever

i forget
i remember
trapped in an eternal nightmare i wish i could wake up from

each day passes by
me staring at the sky
it has been my life ever since

i don’t get close
i do nothing
the less memories i forget the better

i feel no love…
nor joy… nor sorrow…
i am hollow

you were surprised when you saw me
but i’m not
i’m used to seeing new faces

“have we met before?”
i asked, just to be sure
“yes.”, another person i failed to remember

this is a nice place to read
you said so yourself
“nice” is an understatement, this place is my sanctuary

countless times we met at the same place
you filled the pages of my diary without me realizing
i’m gonna have to buy a new one just for you

i’ve started to open up to you
you accepted me
you’re so kind

i’ve told you my dream
you said you’ll help me make it come true
but i’ve told you otherwise

i’ve fallen in love with you
that’s what i wrote
i wrote it everyday so i’ll always remember

i held your hand for a long time
i’ve kissed you many times
because it will be the last

i don’t deserve you
you don’t deserve me
this will be the last

i’ll break you
i’ll hurt you
for that i’ll apologize

just remember
you won’t need me like i’ll need you
i love you

i just need to wait for thirteen hours
i just need to wait for me to forget
it always is just a fleeting moment

i’ve already torn the pages of you
but you gave it back
why did you give it back?

thirteen hours seemed so long today
i can’t forget
these feelings, these memories i still love you


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