Grisaia no Kajitsu


Mommy, mommy listen!
It’s beating, it’s working
Can you hear me? I’m inside of you now, let’s be friends
Help! I don’t know you. You’re not my friend, I only had one friend and she killed herself
I don’t need you, I only need one. I want to die, I don’t know what’s going on
Ready or not here I co… ┬áHuh? Where am I? I can’t move. I’m scared, It’s so dark
Underground? N-No, I don’t like this. I want to live, I don’t want to die. Please

You, If only you had been a boy
Understand? How am I supposed to understand? You’re the worst
Mistress’s daughter? Hey, what are you holding? Hey, drop the knife will ya?
It’s not like I chose to be this way. I don’t know what to do. I don’t care anymore
Keep away from me! I hate you! You abandoned us that’s why she said those things
Our family is better off gone. I never existed in the first place. I’m sorry, Father

S-Sorry, I’m so sorry. It’s my fault, this is all my fault
Accident? This is no accident, It’s my fault. My own selfishness killed them
Calm down, it’s not your fault. No! This is why I have to be a good girl. I have to
Have to be a good girl, a good girl that does what she’s told
I’ll do anything you tell me to do. This is my punishment. I love you mother, father

Masataka, if you want to see you’re daughter, come alone
Anything, I’ll do anything. Please don’t kill her. Please let her go
Kill her? Oh, we’re not going to kill her… Papa, papa please wake up
I know you’re just sleeping papa. Please wake up, it’s scary in here
N-No, where are you taking me? I’m fine, see? I’m fine
Attention everyone, my husband is dead and it seems that my daughter is sick but don’t worry, I’m pregnant with a new heir. Everything is according to plan

All passengers please put your seat belts on. The tire has blown out
My friends died that day. I sacrificed my friends that day
All this time I’ve been thinking how I’m going to atone for my sins
Never have I ever thought that killing a dog and eating it will be so satisfying
Everyone lost their humanity since all hope is lost. Except one, she protected me but still I betrayed her


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