Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko


Let me start by bombing this anime with praise. Characters are great, lovable & absolutely cuteness overkill. Animation is also top-notch and consistent till the end. Dialogues are superb and also philosophical.

For the story, it has a somewhat unusual pace. Let me explain, the story starts of direct and pretty much straight for the plot but it slows down and you will get a “mysterious” vibe to it when they uncovered most of the plot (around episodes 5 or 6). They made cliches and scenes commonly found in romance anime not so common by mixing strange reactions of the characters that will purposely throw you off, not in a bad way. The dialogues can be pretty tricky sometimes and will make you start thinking and leave you wondering so you should pay attention to what the characters are saying.

Some episodes may seem so long because of its slow pacing yet they are jam-packed with information relevant to the story.

It truly is a great watch for those rom-com fanatics like me. It’s obviously funny, you will laugh out loud uncontrollably, will leave you grinning and blushing like you have butterflies in your stomach. But it’s also surrounded with an air of melancholy. While you’re watching you may find it strange and mysterious but you’ll enjoy it nevertheless.


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